Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valentines Flowers Ideas 2012 - Different Rose Gifts For Your Valentine!

Roses are the most sensual flower for couples. It is one of the bets valentine's gift to impress your women. How about using this classic valentines flowers ideas 2012 gift with some creativity and then present it to your love? Here are few ideas to make different gifts using roses for your valentine.

Rose photo frame: This is a touching valentine's gift idea for your partner. You have to decorate the photo frame with dry rose petals. You can buy from the market or make at home. Dry few rose petals for 6-8 days and then decorate the frame. If you don't have time, dry the petals in microwave and then use it. The aroma is also there in this process. Cover the petals with paper towel or a thin cloth piece to avoid burning them. To make it a romantic gift, add a photo taken with your partner. It is a memorable gift and can be used forever!

Rose perfume/potpourri: Rose fragrance is a romantic gift for your partner especially her! It is easy to make a rose fragrance. Dry rose petals by hanging the stalks upside down and then remove the petals after 2-3 days from the stem. Add olive or jasmine oil in a clean jar and soak the dried petals and put under the sunlight for 2 weeks. Strain it and then add few drops of perfume alcohol. Smell and add few more drops of alcohol if required. Close the lid of the jar tight and store for 48 hours. Rose perfume/potpourri is ready to gift.

Rose bracelet: You can go natural by making a rose bracelet. This craft work is little tricky and requires clarity. It is a romantic rose gift for your valentine. Make her the rose bracelet by stitching few rose petals. You can make it look feminine by adding few stones or beads. To make it a romantic gift, add alphabets of your names in the middle and cover the sides with small rose petals.

Rose chocolate box: You can go simple yet elegant with this romantic gift idea. Cover a heart shaped chocolate box with fresh roses and then wrap with a red ribbon. She will be expecting chocolates but will be surprised to see red roses inside.

These are rose gift ideas for valentine's day. It is a day to celebrate love with your partner and make it memorable.

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